Holiday Gift Guide: Him

I find that shopping for men is a fairly simple affair.  My husband is a no-frills type, so finding something unique and special is not a difficult task.  For you ladies out there who struggle to find the perfect gift for your guy, here’s a comprehensive gift guide written just for you.

For the politician:

This belt features Italian bridle leather and a print fit for any member of the Grand Old Party.  Available at Vineyard Vines for $49.95.

For the patriot:


Declaration Clothing is a California based company that features vintage wash tees that are graphic in design and patriotic in nature.  Your order comes in a cool canvas bag stamped with the actual Declaration of Independence.  Available here for $28.99.

For the businessman:

The Saddleback Leather Company backs up each product with a single, bold claim:  They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.  This messenger bag is perfect for the modern day Don Draper.  Order here, prices beginning at $382.

For the new Dad:

Nothing irks my husband more than seeing a new father balancing a baby on one arm and a feminine diaper bag on the other.  Treat the new fathers in your life to this bag from Petunia Picklebottom’s new, masculine line.  Available here for $160.

For the historian:


President Roosevelt was the ultimate man’s man.  Any history enthusiast would be proud to display this Edmund Morris text in his library.  Available here for $21.49.

For the traditional man:

Every man needs a pair of Bean boots.  Order here for $99.

Stocking Stuffers:


Happy shopping!




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