Holiday Gift Guide: Littles

I feel that children are incredibly difficult to shop for.  There are far too many bells, whistles, and flashing lights out there and at the end of the day, won’t they just demand an iPad?  Josh and I are both incredibly traditional and I have no doubts that we will not alter our ways when we finally become parents.  Here are some traditional, gender neutral Christmas gifts for littles that do not involve batteries, buttons, touch screens, or {most importantly} sounds.

For the future contractor:

This classic set is a great introduction to the world of Lincoln Logs.  Available at Target for $32.49.

For the future architect:


The quintessential building block is a thing of beauty.  Foster creativity and your child’s need for destruction with this classic set of unit blocks.  Purchase them here for $48.99.

For the budding Monet:

This easel is easily transportable and features a whiteboard, blackboard, and a spool that holds a roll of butcher paper.  The best part?  It’s available at Ikea for only $14.99.  You can also order the butcher paper here for $4.99.

*Note:  be certain that you season your child’s chalkboard before use.

For the future Bobby Flay:

$99 via

$79.99 via

$20.00 via

$7.99 via

$9.99 via

As an educator, I can verify that children learn best by modeling the adults in their life.  This kitchen set and various accessories will inspire true creative free play that is gender neutral.  Other accessories are available here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

For the puddle jumper:

Hunter Wellies are known for outstanding quality and durability.  They also look adorable when modeled on stubby little legs.  Available in black or yellow here for $75.

For the bookworm:


Penguin’s new line of graphically bound novels are the perfect beginning to your young reader’s library.  Titles vary, available at Penguin for $22.

For the teether:

Soft & safe, Sophie the Giraffe is perfect for the new baby that is teething.  Order here for $19.

For the cuddle monster:

Soft toys are the sweetest, especially when they feature smooth fabrics and natural colors.  Ikea has a wonderful collection of beautiful soft toys ranging in price from $0.99 {!} to $14.99.  Find them here.

As promised, all toys are without batteries, buttons, touch screens, or {most importantly} sounds.  As an educator I believe that children receive too much technological stimulation.  Home should be a peaceful, tranquil environment that initiates creative play, free play, and positive role play.

On a side note, though we are still without children, we love planning what life will be like once we finally take the plunge.  Our current topic of discussion is Christmas.  We go back and forth on the idea of Santa Claus.  Josh is pro-Santa and I am {occasionally} anti-Santa, however, we are BOTH against the Elf on the Shelf idea.  I know…we’re curmudgeons.  Our biggest question to parents out there–how do you decide what your children receive for Christmas?  Do you ask for a list?  How do you determine how much you spend on each child?

Currently, we’re leaning towards the following model:

In our home, Christmas is about celebrating the ultimate gift:  Jesus.  In this world full of material goods and bright, shiny noise makers and loud, blaring commercials, it’s easy to lose what this season is about.  We hope to focus more on Advent and less on gift-giving in our household.  The model pictured above:  something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read could be an excellent way to foster true gratitude in our children.

Happy Saturday, y’all.




One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide: Littles

  1. Thanks for sharing! Great ideas; and I love the “want, need, wear, read” concept! I have a friend that only gives three gifts to their kids for Christmas, (a take on the three gifts the wise men brought). I can’t remember where they stand on Santa though… (to say if these gifts are in addition to, or in place of). Happy Christmas season to y’all!

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