It’s a Beautiful Day

I woke up this morning and felt like this.  Perhaps it is because I slept until my body naturally woke up.  Or maybe it’s because it’s Wednesday, December 19th and I’m not expected back at work until January 7th.  It could also be because when my alarm did not abruptly awaken me this morning, I was able to soak in all the sensations of waking:  my left foot against Josh’s right foot, the sunshine streaming through the white linen curtains, the gentle purring of Perseus and Achilles–everything I hold precious and dear all within my reach.

It’s amazing what a Christmas holiday can do for the morale.  I leapt from bed and whipped up some spiced milk to go with our morning coffee and steel cut oats.  I found the recipe here.


We did not sleep in this morning.  It’s not in my nature, especially with such a beautiful day just waiting outside our door.  We woke up, bundled up, and went for a walk.









We have a few days in our cosy little farmhouse and then we’ll be celebrating Christmas in three different states.  It feels good to slow down and actually enjoy quality time without the use of our DVR.  Josh has several carpentry projects going on out in the barn & I’m going to bake cinnamon rolls for friends and neighbors.  We’re also getting our home ready for some new additions:  namely a brood of free-range chickens and maybe {please, Josh, please} a rabbit.

Did you know that rabbit waste is high in nitrogen and it’s a great idea to have a rabbit hutch over your compost pile?  Plus, they are just adorable.

Celebrate a small victory today.




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