I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions.  I adore making goals {for myself and others}, but resolutions tend to be abysmal.

Lose weight.

Lose weight.

Lose weight.

It’s all in an effort to care for oneself, but losing weight is never fun.  It’s rude to discuss at dinner parties.  It’s an inconvenience to almost everyone.

I’m not vowing to lose any weight this year.

Instead, I’m going to focus on resolutions that care for my spirit.  In today’s fast-paced American society, it is nearly impossible to stop for a deep breath or a spot of tea.  In 2013, I plan to change that.  Here are my goals:

1.  Have a proper tea time at least once a week.

I already consume copious amounts of tea throughout the day, but it’s typically out of a tacky brown soup mug at my desk while I sort through piles of paperwork.  No more.  At least once a week I’m going to have a proper tea time.  I’m going to use my actual teapot and my real teacups.  I’ll have something sweet {chocolate biscuits, shortbread cookies} and something savory {a hunk of Roquefort with crackers}.  I will take the time to brew myself a proper tea and set a proper table.  My husband does not drink tea, but I’m fairly certain I can ply him with a pot of pressed coffee.  I want this ritual each week not because I’m stuffy, but because it brings me peace and makes me feel civil after a long day of public education.

2.  Eat in the dining room.

Josh and I are simply terrible about eating in front of our television.  We scarf down something hot, drink out of plastic tumblers, and then ditch our bowls on the coffee table and channel surf until bedtime.  It’s an empty satisfaction and it certainly does not stimulate conversation.  In 2013, I want to eat in my dining room.  I want to use real napkins, real glasses, and switch of the television in favor of something on the Crosley.  It’s a simple desire, but it will certainly cultivate communication and make me feel like a real human being.

3.  No Technology Thursday

I often complain that I do not have enough time for reading.  I am a reader by design.  I taught myself to read before entering preschool {aged 4} and I cannot imagine life without my dear friends, characters that have shaped me into the adult I am today.  Who would I be without Anne Shirley, Jo March, Jane Eyre, or Scarlett O’Hara?  What kind of man would I have married if I’d not had the gentle prodding of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, Captain Butler, or even Mr. Rochester?  I shudder to even think of such a world.  2012 has been the year without books.  I claimed that I hadn’t the time for reading, but I was lying to myself.  I had plenty of time for New Girl, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones.  In 2013, I’ll be switching off the telly on Thursdays.  I won’t be opening up my laptop.  I will not use my iPhone for Angry Birds, Facebook, or even {gasp} Instagram.  No, on Thursdays, I will embrace my old, dear friends by cracking open a book and reading all evening.  We both received a ton of books for Christmas, so I know we’ll have plenty to read.

4.  Correspond more.

I adore receiving correspondance, but I’m terrible about sending it.  I plan to change that in 2013.  I’d love to write more to Elisabeth and Grayson while they are away at Lee.  I’d also love to write more to friends, even if it’s just a little note.  It’s just a tiny bit of civility in a world of text messaging and email.

5.  Adhere to a housekeeping schedule.

I have a sweet little chore chart that has been firmly affixed to my refrigerator since last January.  Of course, I’ve never used it.  I abhor cleaning house and I typically wait until I have guests coming in before I furiously scrub my baseboards and dust the cabinets.  I hate housecleaning, but I hate rushing about even more.  2013 is going to be the year of personal excellence–the year where I defy the mediocrity that some many fall into.  In a push to better myself and my home, I’m going to take a second glance at that chore chart and actually adhere to the minuscule daily tasks.  I’m certain it will take me less than 15 minutes each day which is much better than four hours on a Saturday afternoon.  I’m at my best when my home is neat and tidy.  This is the year to develop good housekeeping habits.


3 thoughts on “2013–Her

  1. Courtney, I really enjoyed reading your resolutions for 2013. You have impressed me with what you want to achieve, & I’m sure you will accomplish your goals I have learned through the years, if we want to do something badly enough we can do it. It was so nice to see you & Josh at church yesterday, & I hope we’ll see you again before too long. Happy New Year, & best of luck to you!!!!!!!!

    Billie Butler

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