What I’m Reading

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a lifelong reader, purely by habit.  I wouldn’t say I love reading…it’s just a necessity, like oxygen, food, or water.  Today I’m linking up with Emily at Jones Design Company for book week.  Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Though I tend to read fiction stories {mostly the classics like Austen or Bronte} or historical nonfiction {anything about the French Revolution or the Tudor dynasty}, this nonfiction journal of a chef’s travels is absolutely captivating.

Georgia Pelligrini, a former Wall Street whiz turned gourmet chef traveled the United States learning to stalk, hunt, kill, and clean everything from elk to wild hog.  Each chapter includes various recipes and her adventures are simply breathtaking.  Though I am a gun owner and a daughter/sister to hunters, I’ve never had an interest in hunting my own game until now.  Pelligrini’s compelling argument has this clean eater quite convicted:  how can we know for sure about the quality of our meat unless we harvest it ourselves?

You can order Girl Hunter here.


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. I do recall a time or two when you were a huntress, to your dad’s delight and disappointment when you didn’t want to continue…

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