The Art of Meal Planning

In my two years of marriage, I’ve come to appreciate homemakers worldwide.  Setting up housekeeping is no easy task, especially whilst juggling a full-time job and a mildly enthusiastic social life.  Somehow, things like dirty floors, dusty shelves, and unorganized closets continuously find themselves forced onto the back burner of my life for the more important things like an impromptu Audrey Hepburn marathon or taking a rare afternoon nap.  I’m really trying to build better housekeeping habits, but working a full day and then coming home to mop hardwood floors is just not appealing.  There’s really only one part of keeping house that I do relish…meal planning.

I’m quite the creature of habit.  Though I freely embrace new experiences and tastes, it’s only to reassure myself that what I love is the best.  I adore ritual.  In this fast-paced, technology riddled existence, ritual is a true comfort.

Each Sunday afternoon, I partake in my most favorite ritual–meal planning.  I brew a large pot of Lady Grey, enjoy something sweet, and drag out my old friends {Julia, Nigella, and Ina, to name a few}.  I consider each weeknight with care, constantly assessing what my larder holds and what is in season at the market.  It might seem antiquated…the little wife consulting her cookbooks, but it helps me make purposeful decisions about what we’re eating.  Armed with a handwritten list and a plan, I am in control when I march through the marketplace doors.  It makes avoiding things like cookies, chips, and bought dressings much simpler.

Monetarily speaking, planning meals in advance is a wise decision.  I can consult the advertisements and make notations about what we’ve already got in the larder.  I’m able to feed our family of two for approximately $200 each month, and that’s buying organic vegetables, meat, and dairy products.


What about you?  Do you plan your weekly meals?  Or are you a Domestic Goddess, planning meals for a month at a time?


One thought on “The Art of Meal Planning

  1. Recently, I have begun to master this art. I shop once a week (not my ideal scenario, but it works with the new tax increase). I plan out meals to the “T,” even which meals will serve as great leftovers for our work lunches. With all this in mind, healthier meals have become our new standard and my husband understand a meal that is worth its snuff may take some time.

    My mother gave me a McCall’s cookbook that is over 700 pages in length. Old, faded green color, and outdated in its ingredient choice. I am using that and 2 other cookbooks I received as wedding gifts. Instead of buy the prepackaged option, I look up the way to make it homemade.

    There is nothing a little cooking and baking cannot cure. Feel unaccomplished at work? Make homemade empanadas. Feel like you need some comfort? Make the best homemade,2-crust chicken pot pie ever!

    I am finding that my hands kneading dough sure can take some stress off of my mind.

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