Summer Reading List

Including post-planning days, we only have 18 days left in our countdown to summer.  This is the first summer that Josh and I will both be at home together and we’re terribly excited at the prospect of having three entire months of Saturday-morning-don’t-rush-let’s-make-French-press-coffee feelings.  We’ve dubbed this holiday the Summer of Weddings because we have five between now and October!  We’ve also decided that this will be the summer of books–here’s what we’re reading:

Her {a strange amalgamation of classics, paranormal tween fiction [not proud!], and non-fiction political manifestos}:

Him {Teddy Roosevelt biographies, survival manuals, football, and more Teddy Roosevelt biographies}:

What will you be reading this summer?  Do you have any suggestions?



2 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. I read the GA book award nominee’s each summer and see if I can fit them into to next school year’s lesson plans in any way. I am also then prepared to do some book recommendations for my third graders. I usually make a list during the school year and write down any books that people mention that might be a good fit for me spiritually, educationally, or just for fun. I love summer reading. 🙂

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