Summer 2013


Today was our first official day of summer holiday.  We’ve been completely worthless, lying about in our pajamas until noon and watching old episodes of The Office.  Josh did work some on the garden and I plowed through two new pages of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata 14, so perhaps worthless is a poor word choice.  Regardless, we’ve already adopted a slower pace.  I’ve got two massive pasta salads chilling in our refrigerator because heating up our plaster kitchen is the last thing on my to-do list!

We’ve got several jolly holidays planned this summer and I cannot wait to dose myself with Dramamine and hit the road!  First we’ll be traveling to Union Point for Kari Beth’s wedding.  Then we’ll almost immediately journey up to North Carolina for Ben & Beth’s big day {set literally on the edge of the United States}.  I can’t wait to explore coastal North Carolina with Lanie and my MIL while the boys golf and fish.  The day after the wedding, the whole Callicutt clan is bound for Williamsburg, Virginia for several days of Busch Gardens fun.  Less than a week later, Josh and I are traveling to Tennessee to visit Grayson and Victoria.  While there we plan to spend a day exploring Cade’s Cove and hopefully meeting Dolly Parton.

July will be busy as well–at the beginning of the month, Elisabeth and I are traveling to the Jekyll Island Club for a few days with Mama and Daddy.  We’ve already made grand plans to go deep sea fishing and we’re also excited to take a tour of Cumberland Island.  Mama will be in and out of meetings all day, so my poor Daddy will be responsible for entertaining Elisabeth and me {bless his heart!}.  Just a few weeks after that, the entire Phillips-Grimes-Callicutt clan will be begin our annual pilgrimage to Lake Burton for a week of reading, fishing, swimming, and relaxing.  Mama and Daddy have rented a huge home that has a bunkroom {perfect for all the girls} and a sleeping porch {perfect for all the guys}.  After that, it’s back to Raleigh for the union of our dear friends, Darren and Cara.

Our summer plans are neither exotic nor particularly exciting, but we’ll be in the places we love most with the people we love most.  At then end of the day, that is all that matters.

What about you?  Are you traveling abroad or sticking around town?  What’s your favorite vacation spot?




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