Recently you may have noticed that Court and I used this hash tag:  #TerrificLadyDay.


#TerrificLadyDay is exactly what it sounds like–a day to celebrate my terrific lady wife.  And to be honest, I got the idea from The League, but that’s neither here nor there.  Every #TerrificLadyDay, we do things that Court enjoys.  In December, we went to the ballet and I surprised her with a new dress.  In February, we had brunch at her favorite eatery and made a trip to Franklin’s to purchase a Ruger LCR .38 that Court keeps in her purse.*  This month, Court had a manicure with her mother, we had lunch at The Last Resort, and then we spent the afternoon shopping for sundresses.  You dudes can call me every the name in the book for participating in such activities, but my motto is, “Happy wife, happy life.”

And it’s not like I have to bribe my wife with Terrific Lady Days.  I plan them because it makes me happy to see her happy.  It also pleases me to celebrate her femininity and uniqueness.  Here are five things I love about Courtney Anne:

1.  She can carry on a conversation about everything from designer shoes to weaponry.  She’s very intelligent and well-versed in literature, music, art, and Star Wars (very important!).

2.  She understands that silence is sometimes a virtue.  Courtney always seems to know when I need space and silence.

3.  I adore Courtney’s ability to make me try new things and be a better man.  Her spunky and adventurous spirit have taken me places I’d never dreamed of going.  Plus, she twirls a lot and it’s pretty.

4.  Courtney loves those that many others deem unlovable.  She sees individual worth in each human being regardless of intellect or socioeconomic status.  She exercises incredible patience when dealing with her students and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

5.  Her unique spirit and undeniable femininity and grace are gifts from God.  She was created to love me–that’s incredible.  I am a blessed man.

#TerrificLadyDay is a time to celebrate all of those things and more.  I love my wife and I want to show her in tangible ways.  Quality time is the love language that she requires, so I keep my phone in my pocket and leave my pager at home–I want to make sure she feels special.


You should plan a #TerrificLadyDay of your own.  It doesn’t have to include brunch or purchasing firearms.  Just plan out something that your lady loves and make the whole day all about her.  I guarantee that she’ll be surprised and touched.  If you do plan a #TerrificLadyDay, use the hash tag and let us know.

*For you single guys out there, marry a lady that can shoot a gun.  It’s hot.


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