Calling All Bookworms!

My beloved friend Jamie and I both tend to be big dreamers.  In fact, we discovered three years ago that we’re almost exactly the same.  Sometimes this won’t work in a relationship, but luckily for us, it does.  Jamie’s moving back to good ol’ FCHS with me this year and I’m ecstatic.  Yesterday we briefly discussed starting a monthly book club and in typical Courtney fashion, I ran with the idea.  If you live in the area and might be interested in meeting one night each month for a structured discussion on a previously selected text, please contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or email {}.

I’m a great believer in structure, but I’m also a great believer in the need for human interaction and fellowship.  I want Book Club {we don’t have a name yet!} to be a place of intellectual discussion, but I also crave intimate conversation, support, and a hot cup of tea.  

I crave inspiration…

And whimsy…

And maybe a touch of Old World elegance…

I honestly see this as an opportunity for women with shared interests to pour into the lives of others both intellectually and emotionally.  Would you care to join us?


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