It’s Not About the BBQ

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Independence Day is not about the BBQ.  It’s not about the fireworks, your boat, or even finding that perfect American Flag crop top {which, FYI, is against the Flag Code}.  It’s not about gathering with friends, corn hole, or parades.  It’s not about pool floats, beer, or using that fancy shutter-speed trick on your Nikon to get that perfect sparkler picture.

Independence Day is about taking chances.

It wasn’t beer or pork or fireworks that got us here.  It was 56 men who were willing to take a chance on a grand experiment.  They gambled with everything–their families, their places of business…their very lives, all for the chance at building a country governed by the people, for the people.  They risked everything and they risked it all for the sake of an experiment.  They had everything to lose but they had faith in what could be gained.

While signing the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin remarked, “Indeed we must all hang together, otherwise we shall most assuredly hang separately.”  Dr. Jack Shepherd of Lost fame said something similar– “Live together, die alone.”    Both Franklin and the fictitious Dr. Jack were right:  either we’re in this together or we’re going to fail.

So tomorrow as you wave your flags, gnaw on your ribs, and light up your mortars, remember that Independence Day is about a group of conservative men who risked being drawn and quartered in the name of an experimental Republic.  And maybe ask yourself–would you have what it takes to do the same?


Want to spice up your Independence Day BBQ?  Read this to your guests.  I promise, they’ll be impressed.


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