Daydreams & a Happy Weekend

Do you daydream?  I do, quite often.  The Captain* daydreams too, but I’m far more guilty than he.

Some dreams are nearly tangible…we know when they’re coming and what they’re going to look like…

Some dreams come true on a week-to-week basis {if we remember to slow down!}…

Others already have a savings account attached to them…

And then there are those dreams that are so far away and evasive {for the time being} that while they don’t have names or faces, you know you already love them…

I hope you have a perfectly lovely Labor Day Weekend.  The Captain and I are going to be completely worthless…tonight we’re finally watching this movie and I’m making his favorite chicken pie.  Tomorrow we’re going to have a long, leisurely lunch at our favorite restaurant {and spend a least an hour browsing Target!}.  Sunday brings about church  and Monday will be completely perfect and lazy.

Happy Weekend to the lovers & dreamers!  XOXO,


*I’ve recently come into the habit of calling Josh by a new nickname.  He rolls his eyes and puffs out his chest but secretly he adores being the Captain.


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