In case anyone missed it, we’re getting a puppy.  He’s an adorable Boxer-Lab mix and we’ve decided to call him Atlas.  All of our pets are named after Greek deities…Atlas is no different.  We named him after the Titan Atlas, forced to hold the universe on his shoulders.  As a bonus, his name is a not-so-subtle tribute to one of our favorite works of literature.  And yes…we’re those unfortunate, cold, strange Libertarians who quote Rand at an annoying rate.

Though I have little experience, puppies must be similar to babies as they require tons of stuff.  As first-time parents, we obviously want our little one to have the best of everything:

DIY project via

Emily at Jones Design Company also has a pup named Atlas.  She has a gorgeous, simple DIY project that features natural-colored drop cloth and hand-distressed lettering.

Bourbon and Boots has a wonderful selection of collars.  I like the gingham one for Baby Atlas and the leather one for 70-pound adult Atlas.  Bonus:  the leather collars are made in Georgia!

$24//available here

$30//available here

These dog food canisters from Ballard Designs are so appealing.  The price is {of course} completely outrageous for the actual purpose of the product.  I’ve saved several of those popcorn containers that children receive at Christmas {you know…the ones full of neon orange cheddar popcorn?} and I plan to give them a coat of chalkboard paint.  Functionality that is aesthetically pleasing makes me giddy.

I love this food/water bowl combo because it comes with lids.

$27.99//Purchase here

I like this harness because it’s preppy and sweet.

$18.99//Purchase here

And it makes sense that his fashion sense matches his proud Papa’s, right?

$10//Purchase here

In addition to watching training videos online, Josh has been reading Water Dog .  It’s sentimental for me because he’s using the same copy that Daddy used to train my beloved Golden Retriever, Catfish Sally.  Both Daddy and Josh highly recommend Water Dog as an excellent training manual and peek into the psychology of a dog.

We’re so ready to welcome our baby home.


As a side note, does anyone have any advice on how to acclimate our buddies to their new brother?  We’re a little nervous about the big transition!



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