A Southern Thanksgiving


Is it any surprise that I’m a holiday junkie?  On August 1st, I’m known as the-girl-who-buys-all-the-pumpkins-at-Bilo and on November 1st I transform into the-girl-who-listens-to-Christmas-music-until-Epiphany.  Because we have a tiny farmhouse and we are without children, Thanksgiving gets a bit lost in the shuffle.  We’re back and forth between Georgia and North Carolina every year and while I enjoy visiting with family, I’d love nothing more than to host a Southern Thanksgiving of my own someday.

I am a very detail-oriented person.  That’s what I love most about Thanksgiving…you can serve a green bean dish and everyone will be satisfied…or you could serve a green bean dish with seared garlic and pancetta and everyone will stop and wonder.  Here are a few of my very favorite Southern Thanksgiving dishes and decorating tips.

Is there anything that screams Thanksgiving like autumnal decor?

And let us not forget the humble Thanksgiving dessert…

What about you?  Are you dying to throw your own Thanksgiving bash or do you think I’m nuts?




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