Atlas, Three Months

We’re exactly one month into owning a puppy.  I won’t lie and say it’s been this glorious, enlightening experience.  Training a puppy is hard work.  We did everything right…we read the manuals, watched the training videos, puppy-proofed the farmhouse…and we were still totally unprepared for Atlas.  In the beginning, it was easy to see why so many people {especially in our age bracket} almost immediately give up and find a new home for their baby.  There were several late nights and many frustrating moments where we both secretly contemplated going back to our simple, pre-puppy existence.


Then, just when we became terribly desperate, Atlas slept through the night.  To two sleep-deprived, slightly crazed, zombie-like adults, that full night of sleep was like a miracle elixir.  From that point on, Atlas began sleeping through the night every night.  He also started to show us that our constant nagging, “Sit!  Stay!  Don’t chew on that!” had finally started to sink in.  Top that off with the fact that he’s crate-trained, and we were weeping with relief.


And good grief, how could you say no to this face?  At the end of the day after we’ve eaten and he’s eaten, we all pile up on the couch {while the cats glare at us} and snuggle until bedtime.  Obedience School begins next weekend and we’ve already been told that we have a smart boy on our hands.


We’ve finally got a handle on his personality—he’s jovial and spunky.  He loves peanut butter and giving kisses.  He’s fond of one particular corner of the couch and he enjoys bath time until he has to be rinsed.  He also has an obsession with sticks, licking the cats, and ripping the heads off his toys.  He’s happy when we’re home and sad when we leave.  Other than his nasty grown-man farts, we’re in love with our sweet, sweet boy.

What about you?  Do you have any advice for new puppy parents?




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