Gift Guide: Littles

We’re not parents yet but we’ve already got a strict no-battery rule.  I don’t do unnecessary noise and I think sticks and rocks are probably the best toys available.  With that being said, here are some traditional, noise-and-battery-free options for the littles in your life.



1//My First Backpack Shark {$28, available here}.  Any little boy would be too cool for school with this backpack.

2//My First Backpack Owl {$28, available here}.  I’m not really into the whole owl thing, but this backpack is sweet.




1//Ammo Box {$59, available here}.  Josh is a huge advocate of having a special place for his treasures.  Little boys need that too.  You can read more about it here.

2//Abigail Small Jewelry Box {$39, available here}.  Pair this gift with an add-a-pearl necklace or engraved bracelet and you’re good to go!


frills1//Jewel Embellished Sweater {$35, available here}.  Soft & sparkly…my favorite combination.

2//Freshwater Pearl Necklace {$80, available here}.  Watching a little girl receive her first set of pearls is such a special sight.  In the South, it’s something that’s often passed down from mother to daughter.  Begin a new tradition in your family!



1//Classic Swiss Army Knife {$16, available here}.  It goes without saying that this is probably not a responsible gift for toddlers or wild little heathen children.

2//Melissa & Doug Wooden Take-Along Tool Kit {$14, available here}.  I adore Melissa & Doug products and this is the quintessential boy toy.  Yes, it makes noise, but it also builds appropriate free-play skills.

Gizmos & Gadgets:  If you’re going to get your child an iPad, by all means, get your child an iPad.  Whatever keeps the peace when you’re going over the river and through the woods, am I right?




1//Melissa & Doug Jacks {$9.99, available here}.  Hours {okay, maybe minutes}, of quiet entertainment!

2//Bicycle Playing Cards {$4.50, available here}.  Teach your kids how to play your favorite card game.  We love Spades!

3//Fruit {free from your pantry}.  If getting an orange for Christmas is good enough for Laura Ingalls, it’s good enough for all of us.  Amen.






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