This year we are terribly behind with all things Christmas.  I’ve completed my shopping, but the gifts are all piled on my dining room table, unwrapped.  I haven’t even pulled the Christmas mugs out of the cupboard!  I’d like to blame my tardiness on having such a late Thanksgiving, but I’m also a little nervous to pull out Christmas decor with my ever destructive cats.

Though our home is unadorned, we’ve been preparing our hearts for the Christmas season.  Growing up my favorite part of Christmas was lighting the Advent candle each week at church.  I’ll never forget how special I felt when I was asked to light the pink candle, the joy candle at the age of eleven.  We don’t have an Advent wreath for our home yet, but I’m always shopping around online to find the one that will fit our family best.  I love the idea of gathering around the Sunday dinner table to light the candles, read scripture, and pray.

This December, we’ve been reading together using Laken’s Advent printable.  It’s a nice add-on to our nightly devotion time.  In addition, my Mama and I have been following along with She Reads Truth, an excellent source for women in any age bracket.  I have it sent directly to my inbox each day and I love the dainty look and words of truth.

What about you?  How are you preparing your heart for Christ’s birth?  Do you celebrate Advent in your home?




–I love this Advent garland.  It’s free!

–More information on Advent and how to celebrate.

–Last year’s very popular Advent post.

Good Tidings of Great Joy

The Top 5 Christmas Books {that aren’t about Santa}





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