.about us.

She is a dreamer.  He is a doer.  Her head is in the clouds & his feet are on the ground.  Together, they make up the Callicutt family.

Court grew up on a pine tree farm in Northeast Georgia.  Her interests include writing, reading, teaching, gardening, and canning.  She’s well known for her affinity for red lipstick and her ability to quote Gone With the Wind in its entirety.


Josh grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina & has exchanged his OBX brogue for a Northeast Georgian accent.  His interests include writing, snowboarding, gardening, golfing, & fantasy football.  He’s well known for his affinity for flannel and his ability to quote Wayne’s World in its entirety.


The Callicutt family was established in June of 2010 and they currently reside in a farmhouse that was built in 1934.  They are major advocates of debt-free living and live according to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University plan.  As a couple, they enjoy being outdoors, cooking, and traveling.  You can find their old blog; C is For Callicutt by clicking here.




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