.what I love: May 2018.

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May is my favorite month.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the gorgeous weather or the fact that it’s my birthday month, but the bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and it’s almost summer vacation and it’s nearly too much for me to handle.  Here are the things I’m loving this month:


  • Kroger ClickList.  I guess this falls more under a service rather than a food, but I love it.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the greatest.  You complete your grocery shopping online and set a pick-up time and date and leave the rest in the capable hands of the ClickList staff.  They do all the heavy lifting and you get to “shop” without ever leaving your car.  I save so much money because I’m able to make my list while browsing my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  It’s $4.99 per visit, but my time is far more valuable than that.
  • Trader Joe’s Parmesan Crisps.  We’re full-on keto right now and these have become our go-to snack.  They’re totally gluten and sugar free and the serving size is obnoxiously large.


  • Birkenstocks.  Apparently Birkenstocks are a thing again.  When I was in high school, you were nobody if you didn’t have a pair of (hideous, albeit comfortable) clogs.  Now the sandals are back with a vengeance and I’ve been wearing mine nearly everyday.  Just like the Birks of old, these easily mold to the shape of your foot and are super easy to throw on with a casual outfit.  I’ve found myself favoring these over my trusty Chacos because they’re a little more polished.
  • Callahan Shorts.  These are a bit pricey, but as a Southern woman it’s part of my genetic code to favor the bright and airy pieces that Lilly Pulitzer is famous for.  I like the 5″ Callahan shorts because they are easy to throw on and aren’t sloppy looking like Tempo shorts or yoga pants.  If the price throws you off, definitely check out Facebook for BST options.


  • Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo.  Did you know that purple shampoo is a thing?  It keeps my balayage blonde from getting brassy.  I’ve continuously been going blonder since about November and I use this twice a week to keep everything looking fresh.
  • Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sunburn Relief Care After Sun Lotion.  This is such an oldie, but it’s the best.  I have fond memories of my mother smearing me down with this after a day at the pool and just the smell brings back so many memories.  I never let myself get to the point of a bad sunburn, but if I ever start to get that pink tinge after being outside, a bit of this goes a long way in helping that pink turn to a nice, healthy tan.


  • Avengers: Infinity War.  It rocked.  It rocked my socks off.  We had opening night tickets and feeling exhausted the next day was 100% worth it.
  • Community.  We are so bad about getting stuck in the typical Netflix cycle of The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, rinse, repeat.  We haven’t watched Community in years and we never actually finished the series, so we’ve really been enjoying the newer stuff this go-around.
  • Hamilton.  We’re still obsessed.  We listen to it nearly everyday.  We’re 25 days away from seeing it live.  The end.  Amen.
  • Gillian Flynn.  I’m normally not dark and twisty, but I’ve been really into anything Gillian Flynn lately.  We loved Gone Girl and I’ve also recently read Sharp Objects and I’m finishing up Dark Places.  I’m super pumped that HBO is doing a Sharp Objects miniseries with Amy Adams.  Warning:  do not read before bed.


  • Honest Company Sunscreen.  Mineral sunscreen is a pain in my rear, but it works really well and is perfect for Annabeth’s baby soft skin.  She is surprisingly complacent when it comes to lotion/sunscreen application (praise hands), so it doesn’t bother her that it takes literally forever for this stuff to rub in.
  • Carter’s Rompers.  Annabeth is still so tiny.  Like, I swear I feed her.  She’s petite just like her Mama, so 12 month outfits that have pants or shorts are often just right lengthwise and far too large for her waist.  Enter:  the Carter’s romper.  Length and waist size don’t matter when it’s a romper!  We have ten of these that we rotate throughout the week because they’re easy and comfortable.  We found them all at our local Sam’s Club for about $6 a piece.


What is your favorite part about May?  Are you loving this weather or totally over the heat already?




-We just watched The Magic Pill on Netflix and it was soooo great.  Josh has done keto before and we were already planning to start cutting out grains and sugar this month, so this was such a great motivator.

-I just ordered a new planner and setting it up has been a blast…can it be August already?

-Speaking of planners, we just finished a ruthless decluttering of our home a la Emily Ley and it was great.